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“A Croc, A Drunk Wombat, A Girl, And A Pizza Place” was my favourite ’90s TV show.

The FilmDrunk Interview: Jason Mewes |Film Drunk|

Pledge To Party On St. Patty’s Day & We’ll Donate $1K To Charity |Smoking Section|

25 Bizarre Celebrity Commercials You’ve Never Seen |Warming Glow|

ROFLMNBAO: The NBA All-Star Weekend Edition |With Leather|

The World Needs More ‘Eastbound And Downton Abbey’ |UPROXX|

Horrible YouTube Comments Immortalized In Web Series |UPROXX|

This Week in Posters: Avengers, Men in Black 3, Etc. |Film Drunk|

The Top 10 Most Hip-Hop Sneakers Of All-Time |Smoking Section|

The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 2/27/12: I Wrote This Column On My Wrist |With Leather|

There Was Going to Be a ‘Community’ Porno? Tell Me More |Warming Glow|

Rage Faces In Real Life |GorillaMask|

Quagmire’s “Giggity” Funchop |Adult Swim|

17 Crazy/Awesome Japanese Commercials |HuffPost Comedy|

5 Reasons Why Jaleel White Will Win ‘Dancing With the Stars’ |The FW|

14 movies based on books where the author appeared in a cameo |FARK|

Sadly, Maria Sharapova Isn’t Running Around Giving Shower High-Fives |Brobible|

Steve Martin And Gwyneth Paltrow Feel Very Differently About Their Picture Together |Buzzfeed|

In 2005, GQ Named the 10 Greatest Actors of the Generation. Their Most Recent Projects Beg to Differ |Pajiba|

VIDEO BELOW: The cats are learning how to attack by sea. |via Arbroath|

[Pictures via Reddit and Fernacular.]

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