'Deadpool Versus Gangnam Style' Is The Best 'Gangnam Style' Cover Yet

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09.14.12 5 Comments

It feels like he’s wearing nothing at all… nothing at all…

Further demonstrating you can do just about anything in public as long as you’re wearing a silly costume, critiques4geeks returns with another “Deadpool Versus ___” video. This time he’s adding to the Gundam Style memes with a performance of “Deadpool Versus Gangnam Style” at Little Tokyo and Los Angeles Comic-Con. The song by K-pop rapper Psy may be played out, but we never get tired of Deadpool being Deadpool.

It opens with some “Oppa Gundam Syle” and just gets crazier from there. He even pulled a Donald Duck, having pants pulled down in the bathroom, but not wearing those same pants in public:

The video and several .gifs are below. That Bane can dance. When the invisible horse is convincingly ridden, you have my permission to Psy.

More .gifs available at Gail Simone and Pleated-Jeans.

Sidenote: There are just a couple of hours left to fund Gail Simone’s Kickstarter for Leaving Megalopolis.

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