Deadshot Is Coming For ‘Arrow’ With His Fancy Eyepatch

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10.05.12 7 Comments

This is the CW’s idea of Deadshot. Apparently he’s a sniper pirate!

To be fair, the CW is actually trying, and it’s not like Deadshot’s outfit, even redesigned, isn’t pretty blatantly from the ’80s. Episode 2 will feature China White, Deathstroke and Huntress are supposedly going to be worked in, the archer Merlin is practically in the cast already, and ongoing continuity gags like Big Belly Burger, which I think DC hasn’t even mentioned in the comics in a solid decade, will pop up.

I do have to admit, I’m looking forward to this show. Either it will be a halfway decent interpretation of the comics, or it will be an utter, hilarious train wreck. Really, either way we win.

That said, my favorite reinterpretation of a bad guy by a TV series that isn’t animated would be Michael Champion’s version of Captain Cold:

If he looks familiar, that’s because he was also the sidekick to the main villain’s sidekick in Total Recall. Really, there’s just no way you can top that, CW. Don’t even try.

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