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100 of the most ridiculous Yahoo! Answers posts [Uproxx]

Week In Review: Television Will Never Be The Same Again [UproxxNews]

Frotcast 41: Raising guinea pigs & doing cocaine, the interview [Filmdrunk]

Transformers dance to thriller [WarmingGlow]

How Many Blunts Has Snoop Smoked In His Life? [TSS]

Lebron’s mom got arrested [WithLeather]

“The Sandlot” Turns 18 [TSS]

F-35 Ejector Seat Tested At 600 MPH [Buzzfeed]

The 2011 Masters Drinking Game [Brobible]

A Gallery of Funny Donald Trump Pictures [EgoTV]

The Most Insane Custom Guitars You’ll Ever See [UGO]

7 Annoying People You’ll Meet On The Subway [CoedMag]

9 celebrities who spent time in jail before they were famous. Come for the Stephen Fry, stay for the Nick Nolte. [Guyism]

Sucker Punch vs. I’m Gonna Git You Sucka [TSJ]

9 Goofiest Sports Posters Of The 80s and 90s [TotalProSports]

If Someone Actually Invented The Hoverboard [CollegeHumor]

VIDEO BELOW: Yellow Dinosaur: Pedophile Hunter [Have a seat over here, EverythingIsTerrible]

[Pictures via Andafern and BioTV]

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