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Filmdrunk already covered the deleted sex scene, but there were other deleted scenes in the Avatar script that were left out of the movie. I’ll not post any spoilers. (You can get those at io9 or at an auto parts store. *bowtie spins*)  Here’s a summary of the non-spoilers:

  • Jake Sully gets in a bar fight on Earth, which is now so polluted everyone wears masks.  Earth is also cluttered with ads, and athletes replace their legs with “antelope legs.”  And just when I thought this movie couldn’t get any more furry-pornish.
  • The humans built a school for the Na’vi, which closed when the humans decided to use the blue kittens for target practice.  The sister of Netiryi (that girl cat on all the posters) was killed in that school massacre.
  • Na’vi eat bugs for sustenance and to get high.
  • They also get drunk to celebrate successful hunts.  What savages.  Don’t they know you’re supposed to get drunk, then hunt?
  • They have sex by rubbing their tails (“queues”) together.  Really.
  • One character commits assisted suicide after his tail gets cut off.  I asked a Manx cat what he thought about this big blue cat committing suicide over that, and he said, “What a pussy.”

Least believable of all, however, is the scene where Michelle Rodriguez declares her love for another character.  Who is male.  Okay, all that other stuff with queues, antelope legs, bugs as club drugs and kinky tail sex I can understand.  But come on.

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