Drive It Like It’s Hot

This guy doesn’t even have one star yet?  Geez, run somebody over already, pansy.

Rooster Teeth wanted to see how difficult it would be to drive a real car in third-person perspective like a stolen car in Grand Theft Auto.  Rather than taking a bong hit and speculating about it for four hours like some people I am know, instead they rigged a $2,500 camera system above and behind a truck, connected to the bumper with a Z-bar and lots of duct tape (science!).  Then they blocked all the windows and put a 15″ monitor in front of the steering wheel taking a live feed from the camera, forcing the driver to use video game style third-person perspective.  Then they set it loose at a Walmart parking lot and they were still the least dangerous driver there; okay, not really.  They tested it on a closed course.  Many cones and crash dummies died on that fateful day. *tips a 40 of Valvoline*

Check the video below to see who wins science.

(contains some swearing)

[Thanks, Kotaku]

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