Nintendo Shows ‘Zelda Wii U’, ‘Smash Bros.’ And Teases A New ‘Star Fox’ In An Eclectic E3 Digital Event



So, Nintendo’s E3 2014 press confer, er, Digital Event has come and gone, and well, it was very Nintendo. If you were hoping they’d match Sony and Microsoft blow for blow, you’ll probably be disappointed (the video was only 45-minutes long) but the Digital Event was packed with lots of charm and some unexpected announcements.

Their message was basically, “We’re Nintendo, we’re dependable, and you liked us as a kid, so c’mon, give us another chance”. Not the hardest hitting statement, but it’s honest. Hit the next pages for a recap of all the most important stuff that happened during Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event…

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New Zelda

A brief glimpse of the next major Zelda was given. It’s subtly cell-shaded, looks very pretty and the world seems very Skyrim-esque (just, you know, with colors). There also might be a futuristic element to the story as Link is showing running from and then doing battle with a laser-blasting robotic creature. Speaking of Link, he’s also ditched the green tunic in favor of pants and a blue top — so yeah, lots of changes afoot!

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Hyrule Warriors

Now, for this year’s Zelda spin-off. Hyrule Warriors is looking better than it has in the past, and they revealed several playable characters in addition to Link including Zelda, Impa and Midna. The game’s coming September 26th.

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Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 dropped a new trailer and, well, it’s a Platinum game! The big news is that the original Bayonetta will be included on the disc as a free bonus. The game arrives October of 2014.

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Nintendo unveiled a new IP called Splatoon, and it’s pretty nutty. It’s an 8-player arena shooter, where the goal is to cover the stages with paint. Oh, and also you can turn into a squid and swim through the paint. Basically, it looks like an attempt to do Call of Duty for kids — young girls in particular (as far as I can tell all the characters are female).

I could actually see this being pretty big if marketed right.

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Smash Bros.

Nintendo unveiled some new characters including Lady Palutena from Kid Icarus and the ability to play as a Mii. The 3DS version of Smash Bros. is coming October 12th and the Wii U version is coming holiday 2014 (let’s hope).

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