Gloriously Geeky Drummer Totally Steals The Show

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09.13.12 4 Comments

The enthusiastic drummer pictured above (and in the two epic videos below) is Kwon Soon Keun, who is now 72 years old but still rocking harder than drummers 50 years his junior. As part of the band ADD-4, he became somewhat well-known in his home country of South Korea (never to be confused with Best Korea). His international fame came when the second video below went viral in 2008.

watched the viral video and was inspired to film a short documentary, A Drummer’s Passion, about Kwon Soon Keun. The documentary follows him as he performs a concert to celebrate the 50th year of his music career. The first video below was additional footage uploaded to YouTube by the filmmaker. As Coilhouse tells us, “Regrets… we’ve all had a few. Watching this video until the drummer kicks in? Probably not gonna be one of them.”

The drums kick in at about 1:10 (and that waiter in the background seems excited about it). It seriously made my day. His enthusiasm is infectious. If he and epic drumming guy ever got together to form a jam band, they could change the physical properties of things with the power of their rocking. We may be stumbling onto the secret to cold fusion here, people.

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