We've All Been Using Our Couches Incorrectly

08.05.11 6 years ago

Up in Canada, things get done a little differently. Specifically, I’m talking about the way that those Canucks up in British Columbia use their couches. As so wonderfully documented by Team Jacob, over at BroShenanigans Productions, couches are a wonderful resource when looking to surf across a peaceful lake or even cruise about the countryside down an empty highway. Outfit your couch with some porn, duct tape and a set of antlers, and suddenly you’ve transformed your sofa into a workout bench. You’d be surprised at just how useful the things that we stick our asses on can be.

Videos and parental advisories after the jump:

Couch Surfing:

Dirty Hank’s Couch on Wheels:

[via LaughingSquid]

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