Exclusive Preview: ‘The Green Team: Teen Trillionaires’ #3

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07.19.13 2 Comments


One of the advantages of being obscenely rich is that you can hire pretty much anybody. As The Green Team has just demonstrated, by hiring Slade Wilson to protect them since their reclaimed Batmobiles and suits of power armor aren’t quite cutting it against their foe Riot.

Written by Art Baltazar and Franco, The Green Team is actually rapidly becoming one of the funniest books in the DCU. The basic concept is that these kids are obscenely rich and would like to give back… and have some fun while doing it. But they’ve also, not surprisingly, antagonized a few people along the way, and that creates a few problems.

It’s also got a tendency to satirize plot holes in superhero comics. Everything here is obviously explained with the word “money”, but it’s rooted in some very human characters, especially Mohammad, a young man who really wants nothing more than to impress his father and demonstrate that he’s a man in his own right.

And also to wear Robin’s cape. To see what we’re talking about, dig into the preview on the next few pages.








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