Fantastic Fathers, A Cat Who Likes Slayer, And Links

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Meme Watch: Oblivious Canadian Makeout Couple [Uproxx]

Father’s Day mashup: cinema’s worst dads [Filmdrunk]

Sylvester Stallone inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame [WithLeather]

Is This the Most Infuriating Person in KSK Sex/Fantasy Football Mailbag History? [KSK]

5 Dogs That Look Like Tom Haverford [Uproxx]

Rob McElhenney gained 50 lbs to play Mac this coming season of It’s Always Sunny [WarmingGlow]

Guess What Tone Loc Got As A Father’s Day Gift [TSS]

KSK Kommenter Draft: Eliminating One Menu Item From Existence [KSK]

25 Terrible Dads [EgoTV]

Dinosaur Zookeeper online game [AdultSwim]

The Best TV Dads in History (video) [Guyism]

Even Worse Superhero Redesigns [CollegeHumor]

D-Bag Diamond Backs Fan Steals Ball from a Woman [Brobible]

A Gallery of Girls Who Actually Bought that R2D2 Swimsuit [Unreality]

Scott Adams Calls Rape a ‘Natural Male Instinct’.  Countdown to when he creates a sockpuppet account again to tell everyone how brilliant that Scott Adams fellow is.  [ComicsAlliance]

VIDEO BELOW: Buddy the ginger cat likes to just chill and watch a Slayer concert. [via DP&F]

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