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12.28.09 2 Comments

Cool dad and electrical engineer Cy Brown placed a camera on a Multiplex Easystar unmanned aerial vehicle, then flew it while his kids tried to shoot it out of the sky with fireworks.  And I don’t mean bottle rockets.  I’m talking real fireworks, like the kind I have to buy out of the back of a VW minibus.  Er, I mean, like the kind I don’t buy in my state because I fully respect all local fire safety ordinances.

Brown says, “I’m an unemployed Electrical Engineer, anyone want to hire me before I set the house on fire?”   in the description of first video below, which is set to AC/DC.  The second video is a slow motion “best of” compilation sorely lacking in AC/DC.  You could make even Remains of the Day seem exciting with an AC/DC soundtrack.  Yeah, you stare at that fire seemingly forever, Anthony Hopkins.  Tell them who they’re messing with now.


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