Step Aside Cash-For-Gold, Now There's Wi-Fi For Dog Poo

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05.01.12 3 Comments

Now you’re also a free Wi-Fi factory, little buddy.

Ad agency DDB and internet provider Terra have joined forces to rid the parks of Mexico City of the scourge that is dog poo. They’ve set up Terra Poo Wi-Fi, a type of trash bin and Wi-Fi hotspot which weighs dog poop (or whatever else you throw in it, since it’s based on the honor system) and then dispenses minutes of free Wi-Fi for the surrounding area. The larger the poo, the more minutes you accrue. *closes rhyming dictionary*

Walyou reports Terra doesn’t mind if people try to game the system by putting other trash in the bins. The purpose of the initiative is to keep the parks clean, after all. You can see a silly promotion for the machines below. It’s in Spanish, but let’s be real: dogs pooping is a universal language.

Interesting to note “poo Wi-Fi” is Spanish for “poo Wi-Fi”. Now I know how to ask where the library is in Mexico City and how to say “poo Wi-Fi”. I’m all set.

[Hat tip and a Baby Ruth to Geekologie and Orangehouse.]

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