George Lucas Claims Mean People On The Internet Made Him Sell Lucasfilm

03.07.13 4 years ago • 16 Comments

“I sold Star Wars to Mickey Mouse. DEAL WITH IT.”

One of the biggest stories recently was the revelation that George Lucas unloaded his entire business to Disney for a cool $4 billion. Many wondered how this out-of-left-field deal came together.

It turns out that, among other things, Lucas was sick of hearing jokes about his neck pouch.

BusinessWeek has a lengthy, and engaging, look at how the Disney/Lucas deal came together and the whole thing is worth a read whether you love Star Wars, love the film industry, or are a tiresome nerd (I happen to be all three, so this was like crack). But there are also all sorts of little tidbits, like this:

The criticism got to Lucas. He found it difficult to be creative when people were calling him a jerk. “It was fine before the Internet,” he says. “But now with the Internet, it’s gotten very vicious and very personal. You just say, ‘Why do I need to do this?’ “

Of note, this comes immediately after a paragraph discussing Jar-Jar Binks and the prequels, which are so badly written the first one accidentally features a fairly conservative message.

Other points of interest in the article:

  • Lucas sold to Disney based on the fact that they bought Pixar and Marvel and essentially left them alone.
  • Kathleen Kennedy was handpicked by Lucas himself to run the company after he left.
  • Much of what’s going on in Episode VII was in the works before Lucas made the sale.
  • The entire reason J.J. Abrams relented was because Kennedy actively went after him.

The whole thing is worth a read, so check it out.

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