That Other ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ End Credits Character Will Also Be A Toy

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08.26.14 13 Comments

Before we get to the new stuff, we’ll give an update on Groot. Just last weekend we saw the first officially-licensed Dancing Groot toy. That Funko Pop vinyl bobblehead is coming in December and is now available for preorder ($10) at this website, and possibly other websites as well. (This was just the first place I spotted it.)

Now another surprising character from the end of Guardians Of The Galaxy is also available as a Funko Pop toy. @AgentM tweeted the picture above, which was retweeted as a confirmation by Funko’s official Twitter. Yes, that is Howard The Duck, voiced by Seth Green in the post-credits scene. James Gunn already cast doubt on any (completely ridiculous) thoughts of a sequel, but that doesn’t mean Marvel hasn’t taken note of the ironic merchandising possibilities. They reissued the Howard The Duck Omnibus and started selling digital issues, and the prices on high-graded copies of Howard The Duck’s first appearance have skyrocketed.

We’re still holding out hope for an officially-licensed Lea Thompson.



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