Halo 4 Trailer And Gameplay Video Is Sort Of Okay

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06.04.12 3 Comments

Not even Arnold Schwarzenegger could survive this one, bro.

That headline was simply in jest. This sh-t looks RAD TO THE MAX. So good it has me talking like a kid in a 1990s advertisement written by 40-something ad execs. Totally tubular ad execs.

Anyway, five minutes of single player gameplay footage were screened at Microsoft’s E3 conference today (stay tuned for more E3 coverage from Nathan Birch). If you were worried about 343 Studios taking over for Bungie, this video should chill you out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool– sorry, I have to stop lapsing into 90s speak.

Seriously though, if you aren’t at all impressed by this video, I’ve got a radical friend who has something to say about that:


[Video via Buzzfeed, .gif via Real Talk From Your Editor]

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