Fancy Cats, a Whistling Champion, and Links

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Meme Watch: Chemistry Cat’s Word Is His Bond |UPROXX|

Meme Watch: Completely Naive and Oblivious College Freshman Bro |UPROXX|

TLC to Air Pippa Middleton Special (Bonus Gratuitous Pippa Middleton Gallery) |Warming Glow|

Important: Cowboys & Aliens Has an Apache Extra Named Freddy Apache |Film Drunk|

Al-Qaedas Latest Recruitment Tape Stars Katherine and Jon Bon Jovi |Film Drunk|

Guess Who’s Bizzack: 20 of Rap’s Best Comeback Albums |TSS|

Haters Gonna Hate: Pop Culture Edition |UPROXX|

Seattle Mariners’ Losing Streak as Told by Sad Dogs |With Leather|

The Dugout with Charles Bukowski |With Leather|

On The Strokes’ “Is This It” and the Death of Musical Genres |TSS|

Preview for Russian Dolls, the Russian Jersey Shore|WarmingGlow|

Interview with John Flansburgh |Adult Swim|

Alex Trebek Injured Chasing Burglar |AOL TV|

Animal Memes Without the Animals |Buzzfeed|

James Bond Vs. Han Solo: Who Ya Got? |Moviefone|

10 Awesome Celebrity Swimsuit Looks in Movies |Unreality|

10 Famous Actors Who Starred in Full Motion Video Games |Topless Robot|

Former $100 Million Dollar Directors Who Are Now Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel |Pajiba|

VIDEO BELOW: Zach Galifianakis needs to star in the movie about this guy’s life.

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