The Hancock Sequel Nobody Asked For, With A Story Idea From Will Smith

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01.19.12 3 Comments

Back in 2008, Will Smith said at the premiere of Seven Pounds that “there were a lot of unexplored characters in the Hancock universe that would be ripe for a sequel and confirmed that we’ll definitely see the rumored Hancock 2 in a few years.” A year later, director Peter Berg told MTV that Will Smith and Charlize Theron would be returning for a sequel, which would also have a new super villain. Then we didn’t hear anything about it for a couple years, but, since Hancock grossed about $625 million worldwide on an estimated $150 million budget, we’ll probably still get a sequel because money.

Peter Berg took a break from directing a very important movie about a board game to speak with Ed Gross about Hancock 2:

“We’ve been talking about the sequel between us, Will Smith, [producers] Michael Mann and Akiva Goldsman and myself. We’re all interested, but we literally just have trouble getting into the same room at the same time. [Ed.- As opposed to figuratively having trouble meeting up?] We did have a series of meetings last year and started to hash out an idea for sequel — and Will Smith actually had the idea — so I think it will happen, it’s just a question of timing.” [CBM via ThePlaylist]

Will Smith came up with the story? Let me guess: Hancock finds out he has a child somehow (despite having bullet sperm), and one of Will Smith’s kids gets cast as the wunderkind. Hancock 2: You’ll Watch ‘Literally’ Anything, in theaters next Independence Day.

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