Harrison Ford Watches Indiana Jones Nuke The Fridge

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This picture is never not relevant.

Dogfood films made a mashup they describe as, “Harrison Ford just never got round to watching those Indiana Jones movies. Now, years later, he agrees to take a look.” Then they took footage of Harrison Ford pretending to give a sh-t about Uncharted 3 and replaced the game footage of Nathan Drake in action with scenes of Henry Jones being similarly cavalier. I knew it had to be fake when he was anticipatory about the part where Indy nuked the fridge instead of throwing the TV out the window and vowing to avenge his legacy.

Or perhaps it wasn’t Uncharted 3 footage in the original video. Perhaps WayneJetski69 is on to something here:

The real footage of Harrison is actually taken from him watching Human Centipede.

That sounds legit.

[Fedora tip to Neatorama]

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