Healing Your Wounds With Tobacco? You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

09.02.10 7 years ago

Remember when Homer Simpson combined Tobacco Plants with tomatoes to create Tomacco? Well, Israeli company Collplant has done something similar, except instead of creating tobacco-tasting Tomatoes, they’ve created Transgenic Tobacco plants that create human collagen that can be used to treat wounds much faster.

OK, yeah. It’s completely different than Tomacco.

While the company’s been working on the process for years, the FDA has ruled that Vergenix, the wound dressing that Collplant makes from the Tobacco collagen, is not a drug but a device. That’ll make the approval process much faster. The dressing works by creating a scaffolding of collagen that the human body can use while repairing itself. Sounds great, but does it let you look as cool as smoking while it works?


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