Don't Get It Twisted: The Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare Stunt Was A Success

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A week ago we brought news of Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy’s upcoming attempt at a record-breaking stunt. At the Summer X-Games in Los Angeles this weekend, they became the first two people to race two cars through a vertical loop. The 60-foot-tall loop made from 125 tons of steel was modeled after the Double Dare Snare Hot Wheels toy.

They had to maintain a steady speed of 52 mph and endure 7 Gs to make it through. As you can see from the videos below, the green car driven by Greg Tracy almost didn’t make it and ended up a bit twisted, while Foust’s car nearly crashed on the landing. The stunt drivers made it through unscathed, however, which is probably why I don’t go to events like this. I never want to root for real people to get injured for my entertainment, unless I’m watching a reality show. Or looking at an escalator at the mall. Or listening to kids yelling their stupid kid statements in a restaurant. Or someone starts writing a check after everything’s already been rung up. Scratch that, I love rooting for real people to get injured for my entertainment.

[Sources: Buzzfeed and Wired. Photo via Telegraph (with subtle alterations).]

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