Hugh Jackman Injured, Oprah and Magneto Responsible

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12.14.10 2 Comments

Hugh Jackman was injured during a “flying fox entrance” (not a sex move, as it turns out) to the stage show Oprah Winfrey’s Ultimate Australian Adventure.  While ziplining off the Sydney Opera House and onto the stage, he didn’t pull the brake early enough and faceplanted into a lighting rig.  As nasty as the whack looks in the videos below, he ended up with just a small cut near one eye, and started drinking a glass of red wine (Penfolds Grange) as soon as they got him down. Like a boss.
As one of the crowd who was interviewed about the incident said, “That’s how much we love Oprah. We’ll take our most handsome and talented man and we’ll chuck him off the Opera House and smash his face up because we love that woman so much.”

[And a glass of Grange to TDW for finding this.]

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