In Which Ice-T Attempts To Explain ‘Dungeons And Dragons’

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In the newest (NSFW) episode of Ice-T’s Final Level Podcast, the rapper/actor reveals he took a voice acting job for an audiobook, only to find out after he started that, “They didn’t tell me this was a motherf**kin’ Dungeons & Dragons book.”

Yes, Ice-T recorded dialogue for, in his words, “some Dungeons & Dragons sh*t”, and yes, Ice T has a podcast. *subscribes ten times in a row just to be sure*

Ice said he recorded 25 pages of the book during a 3.5 hour session, but he’s not revealing the name of the audiobook until it’s released.

Even though we don’t yet know what book it is (or even if it’s really a D&D related title), we do have Ice-T’s description of it, and that’s much better than knowing the title. Via Paste:

“Motherf**kers talk like Yoda,” Ice T marvels. “They were talking about ‘pegasuses’ and ‘pegasi.’ That’s horses with wings,” he continues. “This motherf**ker got a sword that talks to him… Motherf**kers live in places that don’t exist, and it comes with a map. My God.”

I would listen to an audiobook series of Ice-T paraphrasing what’s happening in a fantasy books. And a series of him going through the D&D Monsters Manual describing each one (“This one’s motherf**kin’ horses with wings and sh*t”). Or just an audiobook of Ice-T giving examples…

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