‘Iron Man 3’ Clips And Pictures Feature Tony Stark’s Hiding Spot, The Mandarin’s Plot

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Marvel’s continuing mission to show us all of Iron Man 3 one clip at a time continues with a new clip, featurette, and the fifteenth and sixteenth TV spots. We also have a batch of pictures like the one above, which show Tony Stark apparently rebuilding his Iron Man armor in a rustic cabin in a cold climate. We also get our first clear look at Stephanie Szostak as Ellen Brandt and wince at James Badge Dale storing a gun in the worst way possible.

The first clip below is a followup to Tony Stark’s statement in the trailer that he can’t sleep after what happened in New York (the last half of The Avengers). The next two videos are TV spots titled “Heavy Metal” and “Helmet”, while the final video is a featurette with minor spoilers. The featurette touches on the Extremis storyline by Warren Ellis. In the movie version, it’s The Mandarin who seeks to weaponize the Extremis nanotech virus. We tried to weaponize a virus once, but it turns out sneezing on a paper airplane and throwing it isn’t as effective as cartoons led us to believe. Once again you’ve left us unprepared for life, Nickelodeon. You convinced us to waste time watching out for green slime falling from the sky, and that’s only ever happened like twice, max.

Iron Man 3 opens May 3rd in the US, and people at midnight showings in IMAX get a cool poster.

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