An Explosive New ‘Iron Man 3’ Clip Leaks Early

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04.22.13 3 Comments

If you thought the Iron Man 3 clips would end with the thirteenth TV spot, you have underestimated Marvel’s desire to show us the entire movie in thirty second increments. Now we have three more clips, including a three-minute long, leaked, spoiler-filled scene dubbed in Castilian Spanish. Magnifico!

The first clip below shows a typical date night for Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. It’s a totally understandable turn of events. I’d avoid hanging out with Gwyneth Paltrow, too.

The second video is a brief TV spot titled “Is that normal?”, which we’re only including because the same moment pops up in the third clip, a leaked, Spanish-dubbed scene hinted at in the trailers. If you’ve seen the theatrical trailers, you already know the Mandarin sends a missile into Tony Stark’s house. The third video below (while it lasts) is that scene. We also have what is purported to be a translation of the scene. Then again, my Spanish is so bad somebody could send in their “Iron Man 3” slash fiction screenplay and I wouldn’t realize it was fake until DC Comics characters started arriving. That’s not canon.

Transcript (SPOILERS) —

Pepper: Tony! Is there anybody there?

Tony: Yes, Maya Hansen, a botanist friend whom I barely know.

Tony (to Maya): Tell me you have not come here to tell that there is a twelve yeard old boy waiting in the car?

Maya: He’s thirteen actually. No, I need your help

Tony: But why? And why now?

Maya: Because I read the press and, frankly, you won’ t last a week

Tony: Calm down.

Pepper: I’m sorry, with Happy in the hospital I didn’t expect guests.

Tony: Neither did I.

Pepper: An old girlfriend, right?

Tony: Actually not.

Maya: Actually not, it was just one night.

Tony: Yep

Pepper: Only a night, right?

Tony: A great night

Pepper: Aha, well, (to Maya) you’ve saved a lot of pain, believe me.

Tony: What?

Pepper: We are leaving the city.

Tony: We’ve been through this. No. It’s my call, and I say no.

Pepper: Yes we are, immediately and indefinitely.

Maya: That’s a great idea, let’s go.

Tony: I’m sorry, but it’s a terrible idea, don’t touch her baggage!

Pepper: This is how the normal people behave.

Tony: I can not protect you out there!

Maya: (referring to the giant bunny) Is this… normal?

Pepper: It’s a pity, but yes, in this house that is very normal.

Tony: Yes! it’s normal! It’s a giant bunny! It’s not a big deal.

Maya: Okay…

Pepper: Calm down

Tony: I bought it for you, i bought it for you, and you’re won’t even tell me that you like it.

Pepper: I don’t like it.

Tony: I asked you thre times and… ohhh you don’t like it?

Pepper: Tony, where are leaving this house.

Maya: (looking at the TV): Guys… can we…

Tony: What?

Maya: Ehem… does it really matter?

[explosions, tony gives the armor to pepper, pepper saves tony]

Pepper: I got you.

Tony: I got you first.

Tony: Run! I’m right behind you!

[the floor crashes down between them]

Tony: Take her with you! I’ll make a shortcut. Don’t stop, just take her and get out of here! Run!

[Sources: CBM (1, 2) and io9]

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