Jamie Foxx And Director Marc Webb Are Dropping Hints About 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Casting

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11.02.12 10 Comments

Ain’t nothing but an ohm resistor.

Yesterday we reported Jamie Foxx was in talks to play the villain Electro in Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Now we have an update, as both Jamie Foxx and Marc Webb have been dropping hints like Green Goblin drops Spidey-girlfriends. Foxx tweeted that he dressed up as Electro for Halloween:

The official Facebook account for The Amazing Spider-Man also shared the photo. So does this mean Foxx is signed to play Electro (AKA Maxwell Dillon), the lineman who was struck by lightning and left with the ability to manipulate electricity? (When we get electrocuted, we’re only left with the ability need to change our pants.) Director Marc Web just dropped another huge hint in an interview:

“I think Jamie Foxx … I think he’s electrifying. […] I can’t go into it in too much detail, except to say that I think Jamie Foxx is one of our great living actors. He’s a star, but he’s a brilliant character actor. I mean, all of the way back to the days of “In Living Color,” I think he’s done some pretty exceptional work.”

All the way back to the days of In Living Color, you say?


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