Japan And The U.S. Will Put Giant Robots In The Ring For The First Time

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It’s finally happening — we’re going to have an honest-to-God giant robot fight, replete with trash-talk and busted parts. And it’ll be a fight between the only two countries that could truly stage a giant robot fight, Japan and America.

In 2014, MegaBots came on the scene as a company trying to organize giant robot fights, the next evolution in things hitting other things really hard. They’ve actually had some success, building their giant fighting robot, and that success made them just cocky enough to challenge Suidobashi’s Kuratas to a duel.

As you can see above, they have accepted, with considerable calling-out of MegaBots’ design as “super American.” The question now becomes when and where this throwdown for the ages is going to happen — and also how many military observers will show up to take notes.

(Via Nerdist)

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