‘Justice League’ Is Coming In 2015, Thanks To The Superman Legal Case You May Not Have Heard About

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Following Warner’s big win on Tuesday in their Superman court case with the estates of Shuster and Siegel, the Justice League movie is moving forward for the Summer of 2015. Quite a bit of Warner’s future earnings was riding on the case. The LA Times points out, had Warner lost the case, they wouldn’t be able to include many key elements of Superman in films after 2013. That would not only prevent a decent Justice League, — JLA without Superman? No thanks. — but would have also prevented any sequels of next summer’s Man of Steel. We’ll wait till we see it to decide if that would have been a good thing.

One of the other major questions surrounding the film was whether it would be the kick off of a new universe or the culmination of several films, ala The Avengers. The former is now, in fact, Warner Bros. plan. That means expect that Batman reboot sometime after 2015. [/film]

We’ve been assuming they’d take the opposite route as The Avengers for awhile now, but we still don’t know if they’ll use the actors who have already played the characters (Henry Cavill for Superman and Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern) or how they’ll work around rebooting Batman so soon. Spinning off several new franchises from one Justice League movie also creates a unique challenge. If Justice League tanks, it takes down several other DC franchises in development. Then again, they can just reboot them one year later with a foreign-born actor doing an American accent. Hollywood loves that.

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