Starbuck Will Hunt Vin Diesel Down. Finally.

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01.10.12 3 Comments


Deadline reports Katee Sackhoff (AKA Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica) is in final negotiations to play the lead opposite Vin Diesel in the third Riddick movie. She’s negotiating to play “Dahl, a Nordic mercenary tracking Riddick”. Get him girl!

Sackhoff had been a rumored castmember for quite some time, but this is the first mention of real negotiations taking place, which is surprising considering the setbacks the production has faced recently. After two years of planning, the film finally started shooting in Montreal last October, but the production abruptly ceased due to the cast and crew being locked out of the studio for not paying dem billz, son. They were able to get the money, get the money, dollar, dollar bill y’all, and production was set to start up again after Christmas. I’m not sure why that required Wu Tang lyrics, but the Wu Tang yen ain’t nothin’ to f–k wit’.

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