Kiefer Sutherland Or Bruce Willis To Voice A CGI Thing?

08.31.10 7 years ago

If you weren’t a fan of the Michael Chiklis foam rubber Thing from the Fantastic Four movies, you’re in luck. They’ve decided to do an all CGI Thing that will finally be the right size and will actually look like he did in the comics. But that begs the question: Who’ll voice him?

Well, reports are coming in of two frontrunners: is reporting that Fox is pursuing Bruce Willis to voice him, while Screenrant is reporting that Kiefer Sutherland is also being considered. Both sites are quick to say the studios are just interested in them and it doesn’t sound like any offer’s been made. For my money, I’d go with Willis – I think he could get that Yancy-street accent a little better than Sutherland. (It was the one thing that was just about perfect about the Chiklis Thing.)

As for the rest of the film, Screenrant is reporting that Adrian Brody and Jonathan Rhys Meyers are the frontrunners for Mr. Fantastic, with Alice Eve (She’s Out Of My League) up for Sue Storm and Kevin Pennington (90210 and almost X-Men: First Class) up for Johnny Storm. Oh, and it’s slated to hit theaters in Summer 2012.

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