L.A. Noire + Bleeps = Comedy

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“L.A. Noire” is a very serious game. Oh, sure, it has its humorous moments, mostly your partners and their hilariously outdated attitudes towards women, but most of the comedy is unintentional, like the fact that Cole Phelps has absolutely no indoor voice whatsoever. It’s too bad the sequel won’t be bringing him back as an older gentleman, because then they could hire BRIAN BLESSED to play him.
Anyway, the reason we bring this up is that the guys at Normal Difficulty Gaming decided to sit through a bunch of cases, record the careful performances of the actors…and then completely and hilariously ruin them in the most immature way possible by bleeping certain verbs and the occasional noun.
See for yourself…

In the finale, if he’d actually done that, maybe it’d make the dialogue in the following case make a lick of sense whatsoever.
[ via the twelve-year-olds at GeekStir ]

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