Lego Builds a Record Breaking Lego Monument to the Awesomeness of Lego

05.22.12 6 years ago

I’ve always envied people who could make awesome things out of Lego, because I’ve never been particularly good at it — usually I’d just smash a bunch of blocks together into a mass, put some wheels on the bottom and call it a “car”.

Anyways, I’ve been put to shame yet again, as the record for the world’s tallest Lego tower has been broken in South Korea. Just how tall did the tower get? Just under 105-feet (or around as tall as a 10-story building). You can check out some video of the tower, which was constructed by 4000 Korean schoolchildren using over 500,000 blocks, after the jump…


I like how no actual Koreans (aside from adorable children) were allowed to work on the tower — gotta bring in the Danish ringers for that. Also, I can’t wait until the big brothers of everyone who worked on this tower arrive on the scene to kick it over.

via Technabob

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