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12.29.09 5 Comments

Twelve disturbing children’s books that are actually in stores, unlike We’re Reasonably Certain You Were Switched At Birth, which my parents had specially-printed just for me. [Unreality]

Kermit Bale and American Psycho references?  Be still my heart. [Filmdrunk]

Batman janitor rules.  All my janitors ever did was sell us booze. [Buzzfeed]

The 12 cats of Christmas. [

A bold suggestion for the next Spider-Man villian: that guy who molested Peter Parker. [CHUD]

I would gladly pay fifty pence for Shakespeare’s version of this. [CollegeHumor]

Gigantor lives again thanks to Ghost in the Shell director. [io9]

There was almost a Road House game for the NES.  How will I live, if living is without this? [ToplessRobot]

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