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01.05.10 4 Comments

ABOVE: The only 3D glasses you’ll ever need. [MAKE]  

INSET: The photobombing seal is my new BFF. [

Omegle user has a one-sided Pokemon battle.  It is super effective. [Geekologie]

Ridiculously-good War Machine cosplay [Filmdrunk]

James Cameron can paint with all the colors of the wind. [Unreality]

Luke Wilson is doing great. [WarmingGlow]

Six transportation devices dumber than a Segway, if that’s possible. [Cracked]

There were special edition Star Trek Eggo waffles, and I missed out on them. [Geekologie]

Patrick Stewart and Peter Jackson have been knighted in their respective countries.  Yeah, well, I once got a Care Bears postcard from the Perkins birthday club, so there. [WIRED]

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