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10.12.10 2 Comments

PICTURES: Steampunk Iron Man just won the Marvel costume contest at New York Comic-Con. [one more pic at HackNMod]

The Insane Genius of Wesley Willis [Uproxx]

How Close Are We to Flying On the “Enterprise?” [UproxxNews]

Community had an awesome background running gag last week. [WarmingGlow]

Rhys Ifans to battle Scarfield [

Nobody Wants Big Ben’s Birthday Cake [WithLeather]

Cornering is all the rage at Chinese universities [Buzzfeed]

NYCC: Babes of Comic-Con [UGO]

Five More Websites that Should be Made Into Movies [TSJ]

7 Honest Restaurant Signs [CollegeHumor]

Don’t Mess Around with Japanese SWAT Teams [Uncoached]

Review: NBA 2K11 – Xbox 360 [G4TV]

The Ten Best TV Episodes of Last Week [Pajiba]

7 Terrible Things About PC-DOS Gaming [ToplessRobot]

VIDEO BELOW: Amazing footage from New York Comic-Con. May contain 30% awkward Sasquatch.

[via HuffPo, thanks to Patrick for the tip]

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