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Chodin wrote this post about the Golden Girls as members of the Wu Tang Clan.  They tryin’ to stick me for my Werther’s. [Uproxx]

The top 20 five-second films.  Who wants some f**in’ Nesquik? [Uproxx]

Dane Cook says he auditioned for Captain America.  It’s so hilarious you can’t tell if he’s joking or not. [Filmdrunk]

The Price is Creepy [WarmingGlow]

A trailer full of movie cliches [Urlesque]

Deleted scene from Shawshank Redemption [Unreality]

The director of “Lars and the Real Girl” is directing the Fright Night remake. [InsideMovies]

What Mario and Luigi do when they aren’t battling Bowser. [Geekologie]

VIDEO BELOW: This awesome dude shows us the best way to get to work [via CollegeHumor]

[Squirrel picture via Telegraph]

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