This Bill Murray Mural Wins Everything (And Afternoon Links)

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PICTURE ABOVE: “Met [Justin Cozens] last night who does chalk murals at a local bar every few months. Can you believe this got rubbed out?” — wilsongilson

2013 Will Usher In Important Anniversaries For 20 Great Albums |UPROXX|

Steven Seagal owns a bullet-proof kimono. This is not a joke. |Film Drunk|

Hardcore Porn Played Behind A Swedish TV News Broadcast For 10 Minutes |Warming Glow|

Gruden Talk: Jon Discusses Marijuana Legalization With NORML’s Dr. Dale Gieringer |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Brazilian Hookers Are Learning English For The 2014 World Cup Tournament |With Leather|

10 Naughty By Nature Songs Everyone Should Know |Smoking Section|

Why It’s Hard To Write A Sequel |Unreality|

29 Poor Excuses For Celebrity Websites |Buzzfeed|

5 Fictional Ways to Go Fast in Space |Mental Floss|

Stefon’s Guide To New York City |HuffPost Comedy|

This is what the waiting room to hell sounds like |Fark|

Guess Who Paulina Gretzky Is Reportedly Dating? |Brobible|

Kevin Garnett’s 7 Most Disrespectful Moments |Urban Daily|

Irish Dad Disapproves of Cinnamon Challenge |Gorilla Mask|

5 Beloved TV Backsides Sloppier Than Lena Dunham’s |Pajiba|

The Six Ways You’ll Try to Get Out of the Friend Zone |College Humor|

Man Arrested After Climbing Sandy-Submerged Coaster to Plant Flag |Hypervocal|

Use Different Size Batteries in Panasonic’s (Truly) Emergency Flashlight |Technabob|

6 Crimes Our Most Moral Superheroes Are One Bad Day Away From Committing |Smosh|

VIDEO BELOW: “A cat duet featuring Kieran and Romeo performs a festive piano meow-lody.” — DP&F

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[Inset picture via DP&F.]

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