The Perfect ‘Star Wars’ April Fool’s Day Prank, Deadpool At WonderCon, And Afternoon Links

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VIDEO ABOVE: Deadpool returns for a WonderCon 2013 video, with celebrity guests Stan Lee, Brian Posehn, and more. |via D Piddy|

UPROXX Video: Truth In Advertising, Starring Special Guest Eddie Pepitone |Warming Glow|

You Will Never Be Happier Than This Dog Is Eating A Chicken McNugget |UPROXX|

‘The Instagram Rules For Men’ Is DeSean Jackson’s Magnum Opus |With Leather|

Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Plot Recreated with Reviews |Film Drunk|

The 49ers Did An April Fools’ Prank |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Gallery1988’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ Art Show Has The Perfect Decor For Your Van Down By The River |UPROXX|

32 Overlooked Rape Lyrics In Rap |Smoking Section|

The Five Greatest Things That Used To Exist Only On It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia |Unreality|

Celebrity Instagram Photo Hunt: How Many Emmys Are Next to Jeremy Piven’s Television? |Grantland|

Gary Busey Explains Easter |Gorilla Mask|

A Girl’s Guide to Game of Thrones! |Pajiba|

30 Things Turning 30 This Year |Mental Floss|

45 Odd Facts About US Presidents |High Definite|

Why Do People Hate Anne Hathaway? |College Humor|

Rob Lowe T-Shirts That Need To Exist Now |HuffPost Comedy|

5 Fan Theories That Make Classic Movies Even Better |Cracked|

19 Things You Learn by Following Eva Mendes Around |Vulture|

17 solo albums (and one single) that effectively doomed bands |AV Club|

Listen to This Pretty Phenomenal Trap Remix of the Rugrats Theme Song |Brobible|

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