‘Cyber Monday’ And ‘Two And A Half Men’ Have Both Got To Go (And Afternoon Links)

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The Rolling Stones Covered The Beatles For The First Time In 48 Years |UPROXX|

The Saddest Moment Of This Season Of ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Happened Off-Screen |Warming Glow|

Aaron Sorkin’s lost Amazon product reviews uncovered |Film Drunk|

Women Pole Dancing For Charity? Yes Please |With Leather|

Let’s Take A Jordin Sparks Bikini Break, Shall We? |Smoking Section|

The Best Moments From NFL Week 12 |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

The Gentlemen’s Rant: Concerts |High Definite|

5 Sauces That Changed The Way We Eat |Mental Floss|

31 Kids Who Are Too Clever For Their Own Good |Buzzfeed|

The ‘You’re Doing It Wrong’ Fail Compilation |Gorilla Mask|

FREAKING HUGE Pee Wee Football Player Plows Over a Defender with a Truck Stick For the Ages |Brobible|

My Five Favorite Love Interests From Superhero Films |Unreality|

Grand Theft Auto: RISE is Live-Action GTA Goodness |Technabob|

10 Things Chris Brown Can Do Now That He’s Off Twitter |College Humor|

Minimalist video game posters. For nerds who no longer live at home |Fark|

Was the Coolest Movie Ensemble of the 21st Century From a Movie Barely Anyone Saw? |Pajiba|

VIDEO BELOW: Effy the dog hates Two And A Half Men even more than Angus T. Jones does. It’s okay, Effy. We react the same way when Two And A Half Men comes on TV. |via SayOMG|

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[Pictures via The Clearly Dope and Fake Science.]

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