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The Best Of Martin Starr’s UPROXX Live Discussion, Now With Visual Aids |UPROXX|

McNulty Turned Down A Role On ‘Game Of Thrones’ |Warming Glow|

This Week In Posters & Stills: Liberace, Red Dawn, & Dogs With Sunglasses |Film Drunk|

The Best Of Brooklyn Decker On DeviantArt |With Leather|

On Kevin Hart, The Four Types Of Awful Gym People And Proper Etiquette |Smoking Section|

Channing Tatum Visited Arizona Cardinals Practice, Let’s Bring Back Marvel’s ‘What If…’ |With Leather|

‘Louie’ Recap: The 7 Most Soul-Crushing Moments From ‘Barney/Never’ |Warming Glow|

Would You Like A Song With Your Meth? The ‘Breaking Bad’ Cooking Scenes Soundtrack |UPROXX|

The Ambassador Is Out, Looks Insane |Film Drunk|

How to Eat Noodles Like a Boss |Gorilla Mask|

People Walking Into Stuff of the Day |Daily What|

23 Things We Should Just Forget About The ’90s |Buzzfeed|

The 36 Funniest Political Impressions Ever |HuffPost Comedy|

Crushing Cop Cars With a Tractor Is Not a Good Idea |The FW|

Will Ferrell & Zach Galifianakis Read 50 Shades of Grey |High Definite|

Why Do Olympians Wear That Colorful Tape? And does it work? |Mental Floss|

Competitive Eater Consumes Michael Phelps Diet (A Small House) In One Sitting |BroBible|

Entertainment Weekly ranks the six James Bonds. George Lazenby still can’t catch a break |Fark|

VIDEO BELOW: “Safe in his bidet-fortress, Two attempts to take on the evil Laundry Machine… until his plans are foiled by his overbearing mother.” |via|

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