Why Socks Disappear, Flying Laser Bears, And Afternoon Links

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02.19.13 3 Comments

Corridor Digital explains why your socks disappear, and it involves little men and cats.

Man On Internet Has Spent A LOT of Time ‘Researching’ Porn |UPROXX|

A Seattle News Station Got Three People High And Gave Them A Driving Test |Warming Glow|

The Best Of Commander Chris Hadfield’s Reddit AMA… IN SPAAAACE! |Gamma Squad|

Uproxx Video: “In Foley We Trust” |Film Drunk|

Stupid Ring Girl: The Prequel |With Leather|

10 People Who Need To Be Punched In The Face |Smoking Section|

The NFL’s New Aptitude Test Revealed |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

When Animals Attack |High Definite|

Remember that Cool Slo-Mo Song from Dredd? |Unreality|

6 Weird Gifts President Obama Has Received |Mental Floss|

Giant Robotic Monsters Now Train Rugby Players |Technabob|

21 People Having Too Much Fun With Nature |HuffPost Comedy|

These New Cigarette Warnings Seem a Little Sarcastic |College Humor|

20 Facts About “The West Wing” That Will Make You Stand There In Your Wrongness |Pajiba|

MIT Developing New ‘Alcohol Busting’ Super Drug That Will Sober You Up in Seconds |Brobible|

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