Dancing Baby, More Proof That Cats Are Evil, And Afternoon Links

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Amaya is sleeping peacefully until her favorite song plays. |via The Daily What|

UPROXX Video: This Pasta Salad Will Change Your Life (And Possibly Make You A Lesbian) |UPROXX|

5 Quick Revelations About The Last 8 Episodes Of ‘Breaking Bad’ |Warming Glow|

Meme Watch: Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces Is Like Planking, Except Good |UPROXX|

Pictures: Steven Seagal in a fancy scarf training a posse of armed vigilantes |Film Drunk|

Lil Wayne Brought A Gun To A Miami Heat Game And Doesn’t Understand Why That Might Be Weird |With Leather|

Your 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend Cheat Sheet |Smoking Section|

Mike Florio Needs Attention – Calls For RGIII To Demand The Redskins Change Their Name |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

The Family Photo On The Moon |High Definite|

11 Controversial Vanity License Plates |Mental Floss|

7 Surefire Ways to Get Your Lover Back |College Humor|

The 15 Most Prolific Film Actors of the Last 5 Years |Pajiba|

The 23 Most Important Soul Patches Of All Time |Buzzfeed|

Five PlayStation Series Developers Should Revive |Unreality|

The Craziest ‘SNL’ FCC Complaints Ever Written |HuffPo Comedy|

Pixar goes old school with the first full-length trailer for Monsters University |Fark|

Epiphany OnE Puck Turns Heat to Electricity: World’s Most Useful Coaster |Technabob|

Florida Man (the world’s worst superhero) Tried to Use A Taco As ID After Accidentally Setting His Car On Fire |Brobible via Gorilla Mask|

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