Help Find Abby Farle (Plus The Time Jim Gaffigan Met A Manatee And Links)

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07.26.12 2 Comments

Context here, and the phone number is for Chick-Fil-A’s PR rep, of course.

NBC Has Decided To Stop Making Great Comedies Like ‘Community’ |Warming Glow|

Six Seasons And A Meth Lab: ‘Community’ Meets ‘Breaking Bad’ |UPROXX|

Vice Reporter On Acid Covers The Westminster Dog Show |Film Drunk|

This Week In Original Etsy Sports Merchandise – 2012 Summer Olympics Edition |With Leather|

Nick Offerman, Alison Brie & Megan Mullally Cussing And Smoking Weed |Warming Glow|

Surprise! The World Isn’t Reacting Well To Michelle Jenneke |With Leather|

Rosa Acosta Talks Love, Sex & More In “Ask A Vixen” |Smoking Section|

5 More Hard Truths About Training Camp |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Jay-Z’s 10 Best Guest Appearances |Smoking Section|

Frank Ocean Discovers Fox News |UPROXX|

Disturbing Strokes |Gorilla Mask|

30 Comedian Tattoos |HuffPost Comedy|

The Scientific Power of Naps |High Definite|

Devastated Kristen Stewart Fan of the Day |Daily What|

11 Crappiest Movies of Anne Hathaway’s Career |Pajiba|

Bicycle Created from Recycled Cardboard for $9 |Technabob|

18 Bizarre Self-Proclaimed Capitals of the World |Mental Floss|

Twenty questions with the most trusted name in news, Dan Rather |Fark|

VIDEO BELOW: Context for that Jim Gaffagan picture. Poor sea cow. |via Comedy Central|

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[Pictures via Wil Wheaton and IFC.]

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