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Meme Watch: Unimpressed Queen Elizabeth Wants Those Darn Olympics To Get Off Her Lawn |UPROXX|

George R.R. Martin Explains That There’s A Lot of Sex in ‘Game of Thrones’ Because Sex Is Awesome |Warming Glow|

10 Things You Should Know About Step Up: Revolution |Film Drunk|

Sports On TV: Full House’s 20 Greatest Sports Moments |With Leather|

Question Of The Day: Who’s The Most Overrated Rapper Out Right Now? |Smoking Section|

Kurt Angle Won That Fencing Match With A Broken Freakin Neck |With Leather|

Tom Hardy Rapping With A Baby Is The Internet’s Reckoning |Film Drunk|

‘Louie’ Recap: 7 Most Soul-Crushing Moments |Warming Glow|

Fred Willard Discussed Porno Theater Jerking With Fallon |UPROXX|

The Internet Takes Chick-Fil-A To The Woodshed With Abby Farle Memes |UPROXX|

July 2012 Fail Compilation |Gorilla Mask|

The Gotham Olympics 2016 |College Humor|

21 Countries With One Olympic Medal |Mental Floss|

The Watch Review: 20 Years Later, and Ben Stiller Still Doesn’t Understand the Role of a Straight Man |Pajiba|

Avengers Matryoshka Dolls: Stack and Assemble |Technabob|

16 Delightfully Naughty Censor Bar GIFs To Brighten Your Day |Buzzfeed|

The Ralph Wiggum Super-Cut You’ve Been Waiting For |HuffPost Comedy|

Mel Brooks, 86, on why he changed from writer to director and his philosophy of directing comedy |Fark|

VIDEO BELOW: I’m not sure what this cat is doing, but it sure looks important. |via Say OMG|

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[Pictures via Bits and Piece and Orangehouse.]

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When not writing for Uproxx, Caleb likes to volunteer at the legless cat shelter and photoshop the Babadook into all of his family photos. He once resolved the question “To be or not to be?” through the clever use of General Semantics. Your mom thinks you could be more like him if you only applied yourself.

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