Links Love Cocaine And Star Wars

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Jimmy Fallon And Paul Rudd Star In Fake Movie Posters For Movies That Should Be Real |UPROXX|

One-Of-A-Kind Toys Based On Pop Culture Characters? Oh, Indeed. |UPROXX|

The 10 Strangest Addictions From ‘My Strange Addiction’ |Warming Glow|

Many Of Your Favorite Celebrities Have Been ‘Cholafied’ |UPROXX|

Tim Tebow Caught In Sordid Dating Scandal!!! |With Leather|

Shawn Kemp Isn’t Exactly Thrilled With The Blake Griffin Comparisons |Smoking Section|

Piranha 3DD Hates Your Vagina |Film Drunk|

Question Of The Day: How Much Do You Tip The Pizza Delivery Guy? |Smoking Section|

Tim Byrdak Turns Mets Spring Training Into A With Leather Update |With Leather|

‘Justified’ Discussion With Writer Jon Worley: Shaolin Shadowboxing |Warming Glow|

Meth Addict Accidentally Burns Down ‘A Tree Older Than Jesus’ |UPROXX|

Ken Marino’s AMAZING Macy Gray Impression |HuffPost Comedy|

Six Underappreciated Comedies More People Need To See |Unreality|

Criminal Busted for Using Fake ID with Jack Nicholson’s Photo |The FW|

Han Solo Carbonite Crayons Surprisingly Don’t Come in Grey |Technabob|

11 Things Megan Fox Didn’t Know About David Silver When She First Met Brian Austin Green |Buzzfeed|

VIDEO BELOW: It’s okay, cat. I looked the same way when I watched Star Wars. |via LaughingSquid|

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