Patrick Stewart Being Awesome, A Trolling Restaurant, And Links

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Now I’ve seen everything. I’ve seen it all.

7 Biggest Stories In TV From The First 7 Months Of 2012 |Warming Glow|

5 Reasons The Internet Will Never Approve Of The ‘Total Recall’ Remake |UPROXX|

Twilight Releases Most Boring Set Of Promo Stills In History Of Man |Film Drunk|

The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 7/30/12: The Abyss Gazes Also |With Leather|

Mike Tyson In Pictures With Famous People |Smoking Section|

2012 NFL Prekkake: Atlanta Falcons |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Event Recap: TSS Does The Curtis Shaver 400 At The Brickyard |Smoking Section|

Here’s The NHL Dude Bro That’s Dating Elin Nordegren’s Giant Pile Of Money |With Leather|

NBC Is Tape-Delaying The Olympics Because They Are Smart And You Are Dumb, Says NBC |Warming Glow|

Full Skyfall trailer: James Blond vs. Blond Bardem |Film Drunk|

Is This The Best Chris Brown Review Ever? |UPROXX|

The Six Best Superhero Themes |Unreality|

7 Schools Where Streaking Is An Organized Sport |Mental Floss|

7 Surreal And Scary Quotes From The Trial Of Pussy Riot |Buzzfeed|

Cat Tunnel Sofa Gives Cats More Comfort Than Humans |Technabob|

The Sixth Annual Pajiba Ten: A Celebration of the Coolest, Sexiest Celebrities on the Planet |Pajiba|

The rise and fall of Bruce Jenner. Not listed: his mysterious transformation into an old lesbian |Fark|

Behold Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, spotted as Liberace and his 39-years-younger lover |Daily What|

VIDEO BELOW: “The least passive-aggressive cat of all time finally takes things into his own paws.” Wait for it… |via GorillaMask|

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[Pictures via Angelophile and DP&F.]

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