Colin Farrell If He Were A Cat, Rejected Racing Horse Names, And Afternoon Links

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01.29.13 3 Comments

Rejected racing horse names are hilarious and yes I am 12 years old. |via BioTV|

Good God, Lemon: The Definitive Collection Of Liz Lemon Reaction GIFs |UPROXX|

Bow Down To Your New Lord And Master, The Chainsaw Slingshot Guy |With Leather|

In Most Devious Act Yet, Ndamukong Suh Saves The Life Of Louie Anderson |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Ashton Kutcher hurt himself method acting |Film Drunk|

T.I. Talks Bidding War, Guns, Reality Shows & Former Foes |Smoking Section|

10 Of Today’s Best Television Showrunners And Their Embarrassing Early Writing Gigs |

Tupac Listens To Lil Wayne |High Definite|

Pee-Wee Herman Cycling Suit |Technabob|

8 Things You Can Learn From Justin Timberlake |Giant Life|

111 movie sequels that are currently in the works. Yikes |Fark|

7 Bizarre Re-Imaginings of Pride and Prejudice |Mental Floss|

Flowchart: What TV Show Are You Watching? |College Humor|

Five Movies with Special Effects Ahead of Their Time |Unreality|

Here’s Kate Upton Modeling Moderately Priced Shoes |Buzzfeed|

20 Underappreciated Gems Currently Playing on Netflix Instant |Pajiba|

Awesome ‘Life Hacks’ You’d Never Think Of Yourself |HuffPost Comedy|

Ever Wonder What a 71-Year Old Grandma Prostitute Looks Like? |Brobible|

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[Pre-photoshop version of inset picture via Sam Has Eyebrows via Reddit.]

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