The Most Interesting People In The World (And Links)

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The 8 Most Important Hard Rock Music Video Babes From The 1980s |UPROXX|

And The First Canceled Show Of The Season Is… |Warming Glow|

Of course this exists: Sexy Bert and Ernie Costumes |Film Drunk|

Take Out A Third Mortgage, Here Are This Season’s NBA Championship Odds |With Leather|

Three Reasons Why Ohio University Football Should Not Be Ranked |Smoking Section|

Meme Watch: Introspective Pug Sometimes Wonders If He Chose The Pug Life, Or The Pug Life Chose Him |UPROXX|

LOLNFL 2012: Week 5 |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

A gallery of recursive animals |UPROXX|

The 32 Hottest Girls In ‘The League’ |Brobible|

What If Dr. Seuss Wrote Star Wars? |Technabob|

Vanity Plate Goes Horribly Wrong |HuffPost Comedy|

What If the Presidential Election is a Tie? |High Definite|

Scarlett Johansson As Janet Leigh In “Hitchcock” |Buzzfeed|

Marie Curie’s Sex Scandal and the Duel It Inspired |Mental Floss|

Christopher Walken Reads Honey Boo Boo of the Day |Daily What|

11 Cinematic Sociopaths Who Could Program the Hell Out of My iPod |Pajiba|

If Your Political Facebook Friends Ran the Presidential Campaigns |College Humor|

We Won’t Suck Out Your Brains: The Five Nicest Aliens (Or Alien Races) In Movies |Unreality|

The original ending of Little Shop of Horrors saw carnivore houseplant Audrey II gleefully murder the entire cast – and probably the entire human race. |Fark|

VIDEO BELOW: Kai the dog doesn’t understand why tree roots aren’t like sticks. |via SayOMG|

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