‘Star Trek Into Dumbness’ And Afternoon Links

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“Star Trek Into Dumbness” |via Neatorama|

A Recap Of The Best Coachella 2013 Had To Offer |UPROXX|

Hugh Jackman’s stalker threw an electric shaver full of her pubes at him |Film Drunk|

This Picture Of Adam Scott At The Masters Is Awesome, But Let’s Make It Better |With Leather|

10 Behind-The-Scenes Guys In Music Who Should Stay Behind The Scenes |Smoking Section|

Joe Haden Had a Back to the Future Birthday Cake |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

The Lucky Lady Who Bedded Podrick On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Goes By Pixie Le Knot In Real Life |Warming Glow|

Mad Men Power Rankings |Grantland|

True Facts About The Sea Pig |High Definite|

Paid In Full: 2013’s Highest Paid MLB Players |Giant Life|

16 onscreen drug trips that don’t go over the top |AV Club|

Star Wars Spaceship Guitars Rock the Cantina |Technabob|

Some YouTube comments are better than novels |The Chive|

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (Entourage Parody) |Clip Nation|

Six Incredibly Cool Improvised Weapons From Movies |Unreality|

36 Plot Holes You Never Noticed in Famous Movie Scenes |Cracked|

A Former CPA Turned Porn Star Provides Last Minute Tax Tips |Brobible|

12 of the Weirdest Things You Can Do for Free Rent on Craigslist |College Humor|

The 7 Undeniably Badass Moments Of TV’s Most Useless And Problematic Characters |Pajiba|

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