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12.10.09 7 Comments

ABOVE: Three Busey Moon is the t-shirt I was destined to wear to a court hearing. [via Urlesque]  Oh, by the way, Gary Busey is going to be a father again, and if you haven’t checked out Fake Gary Busey’s twitter yet, you should (possibly NSFW language).

“25 Extreme Examples of Laziness”?  More like the first 25 tenets of the new cult I’m starting. [Holytaco]

Tron Legacy poster.  Oh look, blue and yellow-orange contrast on a black background. You never see that in a film poster.  (Try to unsee that on DVD covers now.)  [Filmdrunk]

Even more good news for people who want to watch MST3K reruns on their computer. [WarmingGlow]

Picture gallery: if the internet named movies.  Hmm, curious.  I don’t see a single reality show named “DIAF” here. [CollegeHumor]

Hasbro has attained the rights to make Sesame Street toys and games. My dream of owning a Mr. Snuffaluffagus with a nose that helicopters suggestively is one step closer to reality. (You’ll never look at Snuffy the same way again now, will you?) [ToplessRobot]

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